Our goal is to offer prepaid card
and e-voucher solutions that will fit the needs
of a single customer to a large corporation.

eWallet Solutions

The eMoneySafe Wallet enables you to shop, send and receive money instantly. It is similar to a bank account but without banks and fixed hours

After upgrading your wallet you can then order your own debit card, which means that you can shop at retail stores, online and withdraw money from ATMs from 32 millions points worldwide.

If you wish to launch a new wallet solution either to your business and consumers please contact us.

Programme Setup & management

UCS can provide you with a variety of programmes. We have 3 options for you to choose from:

Off the Shelf:

Use a prepaid MoneySafe MasterCard® at low cost for your customers or employees if you needs does not match the issuance of a tailored programme.


Using this option you are able to have your own fully branded cards or change some of the cardholder’s fees. Ideal for larger card volumes where the client’s share of cardholder’s fees can be a significant revenue stream for you.


Almost unlimited flexibility with this option. We can implement and design any fully bespoke customer experience. Tell us exactly what you want and we will be able to provide it to you at a price you will love.

Prepaid Cards

A prepaid MasterCard® card is a card where the cardholder can spend up to the amount he/she has preloaded on the card. There is no credit check in order to obtain a prepaid card. One needs only be over 18 years old to acquire it.

It is used everywhere means that you can shop at retail stores, online and send or receive money with other online wallets.

If you wish you can order or connect a prepaid card usable at all MasterCard acceptance locations either to your consumers or employees please contact us.

Find out more about Prepaid Cards


We can assist you to set up your own white labeled e-voucher solution that can be used as means of payment with online merchants that you cooperate with. We offer full turnkey setups, on issuing and acquiring of your e-voucher products

Denominations of the e-vouchers can vary from €10 to €250 to completely suit your needs and at rates more competitive than the traditional e-vouchers in the market.