MasterCard about myPOS

“The ability to accept payments with the use of myPOS and at the same time with instant access to those funds through MasterCard Business card is a revolutionary concept in the payment industry... I find it is as a great solution for SMEs since it will also help business improve cash flow and overcome one of their key challenges - collecting payments rapidly and avoiding delinquencies.”

Arthur Turemka, Senior Manager at MasterCard

One Account

Multiple devices

As your business grows, you will have more store locations or sales personal and you will need more devices to service your Clients. At any time you can buy and add to your account as many myPOS devices as you need.
Choose the right myPOS device for your business among different models and options.


Quickly enhance your web payments

with myPOS Virtual

Managing a successful online business might be very rewarding, yet challenging at the same time. eCommerce has been rapidly evolving – your customers are better informed and have higher expectations, while you have to compete for a market share on all the different channels. myPOS Virtual is a turnkey solution designed to help retailers meet clients’ growing demands. It makes online card payments possible with just few clicks – just put our payment button on your website and expand your online presence in a flawless way!

Get Paid


No need of bank account and no need to wait for your money. myPOS pays your funds to an E-Money Account immediately after the transaction. You can collect the processed payments and make SEPA/SWIFT transfers to any bank account you wish. Your E-Money Account (with IBAN) comes for FREE.

The Only Complete Solution

on the market

We know that the Cash flow is vital for your business. With myPOS your Cash works for you.
myPOS is the only product which gives you instant access to your processed money with a Free myPOS Business Card. More cards can be ordered and linked to your account when needed.
Enjoy the freedom of making purchases or cash withdrawals on-the-go with funds just processed.

U.C.S.Financial limited is an official promoter of the myPOS brand and products for Cyprus.
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The payment services and accounts for e-money for EEA countries are provided by designated licensed banks or e-money institutions.